If you look in any dictionary for the word “jellologist,” what will you find? Absolutely nothing! The truth is, it is a made up word….but it sounds really cool.
Simply put, a “jellologist” is someone who loves making jelly.

Michael Funke, founder and president of Bubba Funke Jelly, who is a fifth grade teacher by day, was bitten by the ‘jellogical’ bug several years ago. Michael was on a quest to find an all-natural, preservative free jalapeno jelly in stores. Disappointed with his findings, he began experimenting with his own recipe.

After several failed attempts, Michael was discouraged and was about to give up… until he found an old piece of paper that would be his life-jacket.

It was his Great Gram Gram’s recipe for Jalapeno Jelly.

Michael followed the recipe exactly how it was written and the results were nothing less than astounding to everyone who tasted this delicious concoction.
Soon they were asking for their own jars of jelly!

As the requests grew, Michael found himself spending more and more time in the kitchen… thus beginning ‘Bubba Funke Jelly.’

This family owned and operated business is dedicated to bringing only the finest gourmet spicy jelly to the good people of the Metroplex. Upon one taste of our Jalapeno, Habanero, or even ghost pepper jelly, and we are certain that you will be hooked!

Welcome to your new addiction…and we put our name on the fact that life really is too short for inferior spicy jelly.